Rug And Carpet Inspirations For New Year 2018

Handmade area rugs is basically used for the home decoration either it is used as a focal point on the surface or added as a true statement to a room wall. This is one of the most exclusive items in home decor. A good quality handmade rug provides a luxurious look to space, once placed. Handmade rugs are expensive because it takes many months to weave a single carpet, especially since each piece is hand-woven. For completing a beautiful handmade rug, no electricity and no computer or machines are required. This is woven on handloom which is operated by hand.

This is a very hard and time-consuming process. Due to hand knotted and hand- woven, these carpets are highly durable. No chemical dyes are used for coloring the yarn. If you want to give a new looks to your place in New Year 2018 then you can take some best inspiration from here. I am going to tell you about the latest trends about carpet which you can follow-

A) Take vibrant color Rug:

If you want to buy handmade carpet for this New Year 2018 and want to change the entire look then choose multi vibrant colors like red, blue, purple, violet etc. for your home. So it can create a happy and charming atmosphere. Classic pattern Rugs contain vibrant multi colors with a tiny and complicated design pattern. If you want to make it as a focal point in your home then place this type of carpet with minimum home accessories in room. If you want to give a contemporary look then you can buy a handmade sari silk area Rug which is available in bright colors and made with recycled material.

A beautiful vibrant color carpet

A beautiful vibrant color carpet

Beautiful Vibrant color carpet
B) How you can put handmade carpet-

1) Use a circular rug for coffee table: This is winter time and most of the people want to take coffee outside of the home (Patio). So use a beautiful circular handmade wool carpet for the coffee table. You can put it on the surface or also place it on the table. If you use this carpet on the surface then use a transparent table so that you can show your carpet design to other. If you use a wooden table then it will hide the design of carpet and design is the soul of any carpet.
2) Use a layer of Rug:
This is the latest trend which you can implement in your home. Layered carpet means placing a carpet on top of a carpet. Suppose if you have an old carpet which you don't want to replace with a new one or you don't have large carpet as the old one then you can use this method. Place anew small carpet on your old carpet. By applying this method you can also, hide the dirty or damage part of your old carpet. If you want extra cosines in your home then this method also works perfectly.
3) Give a Rustic Touch:
This is also a great and unique method which you can try this year. If you want to give an antique and vintage look to your room then you can use this method. For the rustic look, you can use tribal carpet. You can choose kilim or afghan carpet from the tribal category. These both are the subcategories of tribal carpets. Afghan carpets are interwoven carpets but in the kilim, sometimes weavers make a design on it using needle and yarn.
Afghan carpet

Afghan carpet

Beautiful afghan carpet