Some Important Information About hi Wall Air Conditioners

Considering the increasing trend of early onset of summers in India, it becomes necessary to choose a high performance air conditioner that can withstand harsh India summers in the most powerful way. Though central air conditioning is found to be the best solution, not every can go for it due to high cost and complex set. For them, hi wall air conditioners emerge out as a feasible solution. However, it you wish to go for this option, it is necessary to keep certain things in mind.

1. Choose the right A/C size

If you're planning to use a wall-mounted A/C unit instead of installing a central air conditioning system, it is necessary to understand the size of the hole in the wall where the unit will be fixed. If you are replacing an existing wall unit, it might be feasible to gauge the existing opening and get a unit that can be easily fit in those dimensions. If you wish to buy a larger or smaller model, you may need to modify the size of hole to fit the new unit.

2. A/C Cooling Capacity

Next thing to consider is the cooling capacity of the air conditioning unit you're interested in. Most wall-mounted A/C units don't enable sufficient cooling output to cool an entire home, but they may be able to cool a few bigger rooms or regions. Larger hi wall air conditioners that come with both inside and outside units are known to provide greater cooling capacity, but may require more complex installation.

3. Enhance energy efficiency with weather stripping

To get the most out of your air conditioner and save energy, it is very important to seal any gaps between the unit and the wall with weather stripping. This results into improved energy efficiency as it prevents cool inside air from releasing or hot outside air from entering.

4. Make the unit installed during cold weather

Though you can just detach the wall-mounted unit when not in use, it's not advisable to do so. The weather stripping made to install the unit will try to keep cold air from entering the room and upkeep the temperature inside. Cool air can come in while warm air can escape through the air conditioner's vents, do ask the dealer on how to weather strip during winter season.

The back side of a wall unit, called the condenser, is always revealed on the other side of the wall. Do get some tips on how to keep in safe during non-summer months.