Some Roofing Systems Require Specific Products

Being happy with the correct roof on your house or outbuildings – any construction for that matter – may require a bit of thought beforehand to ensure you come up with the choice you prefer.

Some people will only be happy with single membrane roofing systems for their specific circumstances and according to what their budget allows them. Many builders and owners prefer systems that use single-ply products as opposed to other choices. Some of their reasons include the fact that the single ply product is much more flexible than many others, it is quite easy to install and the price is often more attractive than other products.

Of course cost is a factor for most these days, and some people actually prefer some DIY as opposed to employing – and paying – others to carry out the job if they can do it themselves. Single membrane roofing systems have enjoyed growing popularity for many years now, often because experienced builders find them easier to install – but also because the end result is often neater and the process of installation cleaner.

This system also has the added advantage of being much lighter than its competition and is therefore preferred by many builders, engineers and architects who work on modern designs, which are known for their more simplistic, and often more lightweight design features than buildings of years ago.

They feel it has a number of advantages over other products, as mentioned above. In addition to its various benefits and advantages the single membrane roofing systems often make installation much easier because it is a single layer, which for many installers means they will save time during the process.

This is, for especially the DIY person who often does some building renovations and installations at home as a hobby, a great plus. The market out there offers different single-ply products which are categorised into two main types, i.e. the thermosets and thermoplastics.

Both are well-known in the building industry and have their own followers. The first category (thermosets) is manufactured by using synthetic rubber polymers (synthetic organic materials) of which EPDM is probably the most widely used and best known. Single membrane roofing systems makes it easy for buyers of these products to choose what they prefer because there are various DIY and other retail outlets where you can find the product you prefer. Apart from EPDM, Neoprene is another that is favoured by some.

The other type of single-ply membrane is the thermoplastics, and as the name suggests, it is a plastic-based material. Perhaps the best known variety is the PVC product. Whether you prefer thermoplastics or thermosets will have little effect on the end result and effectiveness of the membrane, since both categories are known for being very flexible and keeping ultraviolet radiation out.

When you install single membrane roofing systems it is good to know that installation is not all that difficult; however, some precautions always have to be taken. The first is to know you do not install them with other systems of a single roofing nature.

As for the process of installation itself, it is important to take care that you follow proper procedure when fastening your single-ply roof. One method is to use fasteners to ensure the roof is properly secured and in place. It is often recommended to fasten the plies by going right through the roof itself for stronger fastening.

Also, make sure you use enough fasteners – you do not want the roof to blow off in adverse weather conditions. Single membrane roofing systems can also be attached or fastened by using fully adhered applications that keep the membranes in place. Whichever method you prefer, always follow the advice of professional roof installers.

Of course few products in any industry are perfect, or do not present some problems at least. In the case of single-ply products it would be the fact that they could suffer damage from punctures and tears more easily than competing roofing systems, simply because they are a one-ply product. Therefore it is best to remember to always take proper care and make sure your roof maintenance is carried out regularly.