Some Things Your Never Thought You Knew About Marble

People use marble stone in their home for various reasons. This stone looks elegant and offer and unique look to your home. This is very beautiful stone that is easily available in market. Marble is considered as leader of natural stones. It tops the list when it comes to choose durable and beautiful natural stone. It is widely used everywhere around the world as it helps enhance beauty and grace of any monument or specific structures. People have been using this stone for various purposes for long time. It is very popular stone and available in different design, quality, colours and prices. There are lots of Marble exporters in India who offer high quality stone suitable for every requirement and budget. This amazing natural stone is also associated with many interesting facts. You might not be aware about these facts.

  • The word' Marble' is derived from a Greek word “Marmaros” that generally means beautiful and shining. This stone looks very beautiful after its cleaning and polishing, so it is named as marble.
  • This natural stone is available in wide range of colours. You can see marble tiles available in various different colours. This can be an excellent choice for customers. It is available in blue, red, black, white, grey and pink colour. It can be cut in any shape.
  • This is a versatile stone and can be used for various purposes. Marble powder can be used in various plastics, glues and toothpastes.
  • This stone has been successfully for long time by Greeks, Romans and civilizations. People have been using it as a construction material for 2000 years. This is extremely durable. Its durability and density are the major reasons the Pantheon and the Taj Mahal still stand today.
  • Marble's low porosity makes it hypoallergenic in buildings. Those home owners who are concerned about allergens, Marble would be perfect choice for them.
  • This is a heat resistant stone and does not absorb heat quickly. People prefer marble tiles as it helps keeps your interior spaces naturally cool during summers.
  • No two marble slabs can be identical but you can find the closest match possible.
  • 'The Taj Mahal' is entirely made up of marble.
  • It has lots of unique properties that make it versatile and useful for various purposes. This popular natural stone is used in sculpture, architecture, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, agriculture, paint and paper and much more.
  • This is a type of metamorphic rock.
  • It originates as dolomite or limestone.
  • The key components of marble include dolomite crystals, Calcite, and aragonite and much more.

There are so many amazing facts that you can look into. It has an interesting history and value. People have been using it to provide flooring and design statues for ancient times. There are so many monuments and historical buildings which are constructed by using marble. Its durability and beauty makes it most popular natural stone all over the world.

Akash Rajput Photo Akash Chauhan is a digital marketing veteran of Lomrod, the leading marble tile exporters and marble floor tile supplier from India. He has worked with hundreds of clients in home decoration, interior design, home improvement and marble dealers.