Step by Step Guide to Decorate The Bookshelf Like a Pro

It is hard to believe that there was a time when bookshelf in the home was stacked with books, books and only books, showcasing a wall at the local library. With the changing trends, nowadays, bookracks has taken a whole new meaning as homeowners use them to display family photos, art pieces, keepsakes, antiques, and other decorative accents. Some of the owners also consider them as a decorative piece and place them in the dead corner of the room.

Adding your favourite mementos and cherished items to bookshelf furniture helps create a feeling of coziness and warmth, all while providing the home a more beautiful and stylish look. They are the units which are available in wide variety of styles and sizes like small bookshelf with open shelves, hanging bookshelf, ladder style corner bookshelf and lots more. But decorating them with right pieces is very important to give the space an organised and inviting look. Check out these helpful tips on how to decorate the bookcase, and turn your ordinary book shelf furniture into a marvellous display of your style.

  1. Clean off your book rack: Before you begin decorating the designer bookshelf, you will want to start with a clean shelf. So , if your bookshelf has items or books in it, then take everything off and clean each shelf to remove dust. Now visualise the space available and decide how many and in which way items can be filled in the shelves. Next, pull together the books and accent pieces that you want to keep in the bookshelf.
  2. Start with most significant decorative piece: Pick the largest decorative piece you want to showcase such as vases, sculptures, oversized frames and place them on bookshelf. These decorative accents will not only add a beauty to the space but also give a focal point to the room. Don't worry if the pieces don't fill the vertical spaces in the shelf. Pair them with some books and create a pedestal effect.
  3. Bring in the books: Decorating the bookshelf with books is a great way to evaluate the collection. Organise them in terms of their size and structure. You can opt for a variety of options to fit your personal style. You can arrange your collection of books by colour to make a visual, strong statement. Or can arrange them by subject if want to easily locate them. You can also arrange the books in horizontal and vertical directions to add interest to your display. This way of arranging books also allow you to adjust the height of the decorative pieces.
  4. Add a shelf decor: Now it's time to get creative. Decorate the bookshelf that you have purchased online by filling with your favourite pieces like decorative boxes, candles, ornaments, wicker baskets, picture frames and likes. Designing of the shelf requires patience to get the right look. So go for the pieces that define your space and your personality. You can also opt for decorative tray to give the bookcase a stylish and beautiful look. A great way to keep the racks looking updated and inviting throughout the year is to swap out a few of the accent pieces in favor of holiday-themed or seasonal decor.
  5. Showcase natural elements: Bringing in the natural or outdoors elements is an easy way to style the book shelf as they make the room feel more comfortable and lived-in. You can go for potted plants or some raw antique stones. They not only bring colour to the decorative palette but also add warmth to the room. If you want to fill shelves in the unit in a stylish way then go for assorted sizes of plants. You can fill a glass bowl with shells or add mixed rocks or stones to a tray for a more Zen-like approach. A simple flower is also a great way to decorate the shelf beautifully. The key is to find the natural elements that speak to you.
  6. Strive for balance: Balance is important while decorating book shelf. So while filling make sure all the racks are equally filled. To ensure this take a step back every so often to judge your work. It will help you to fill in the gaps more beautifully, and you can think of some other arrangement when needed. Always make sure that your shelves should be visually appealing.

These were some steps which will help you to organise and decorate your bookshelf amazingly. So buy the bookshelves online and give your space an enchanting and marvellous look.