Steps to a Flawless Living Room Interior

Simply going out of the way to purchase expensive furniture items or some heavy centerpiece will not add life to your living room. Space planning and creativity are the two most important factors that help you in enriching your home interiors. Mistakes while decorating the living room can cause you to suffer as every correction costs you your valuable time and money. Here's how to do it flawlessly as has been directed by the best interior designer in Kolkata.

Furnish before Painting

Painting the room before anything else is the most common mistake that makes it troublesome for you to get furnishings that are in complete sync with the rest of the room. As a result, the living room doesn't get the desired look.

Concentrate on the Comfortability

Our eyes get easily attracted to the stylish leather chairs and armless sofas at the furniture showrooms but do keep in mind if you would feel comfortable sitting on then after a hard day's work. Instead, you can get smaller items such as poufs, geometric shaped metallic or wooden chairs, ottoman stools that come in an array of colours and are easy to shift as well.

Accessorizing is a Must

Decorating the living room doesn't mean that you have to keep every empty surface of the bookshelf or coffee table cluttered with unnecessary magazines or stuff. The ceiling and walls hold great potential for giving an edge to the room decor

Fit to Scale

The size of the furniture, accents or the area rug matters a lot when decorating your living room. A very large sofa might make the room appear cramped while a small area rug will look disproportionate. So, try to select an appropriate size for every item otherwise things would appear out of place.

Gap between Furniture and Walls

It is necessary to maintain a distance between the furniture and the walls, even if your living room is not adequately large. On the other hand, when placing the sofas and chairs against the wall in a spacious room, a lot of space at the centre remains void, only occupied by a coffee table. If the room is large then divide it into different zones with different types of seating for multiple activities other than conversing or watching TV.

Staying Alert

All you need to do is a time-to-time checking of the wears and tears in the floor rugs, cushion covers or chair upholstery. These little things if repaired on time can help you maintain a cheery ambiance in the living room.