The Best Ways to Utilize Solar Batteries

How to Use Solar Batteries – Do's & Don'ts

The solar battery has become the ultimate future for power backup for homes as well as industries. It manufactures in India have realized it and has imparted awareness for proper utilization of solar batteries at various fronts. The message is loud, clear and straight – to not let the solar batteries work harder, as they quickly get heated and finally get damaged over a short period of time.

What Matters the Most

It's just the proper designing and the make of battery along with other gadgets what matters, nothing else. Availing the complete life of solar battery system is not rocket science, but just buying the best solar battery with time-tested technology, preventing a number of cycle charge and minimizing the depth of discharge (DOD).

Does charging takes too long, really ……. – Let's Calculate

The solar batteries don't take too long to charge. For instance, a 12v, 150 Ah battery, in a 12v, 25-Watt panel, takes the minimum charging time of 72 hours as per the simple formula

T=V×Ah /WT = V×Ah/W

i.e. 12×150/25 = 72 hours

Here we have made two major assumptions, firstly that the battery is fully discharged and secondly there are no losses of any kind, what-so-ever.

However, it's just a hypothetical situation as in the real world, the battery would never be fully discharged and the energy losses are a must.

When we call a battery Discharged – Does it completely exhausts

A typical 12V battery is said to be discharged when its voltage gets reduced to 9V, or in simpler words, by the time the battery has lost only 1/4th of its total energy, it is considered as discharged.

So, considering all other factors remain the same, it would take only 1/4thof the total time of 72 hours (i.e. just 18 hrs) to charge up completely.

Does Battery Efficiency really matter?

On further considering the battery efficiency to be as 50%, this would raise the charging time up to 36 hours that is just double of what it took when it was 100% efficient. Assuming the sunshine of 8 hrs per day in that particular area, it would take about 4 days for the battery to be completely charged.

Are Solar Batteries Expensive?

The mass production of solar batteries has drastically reduced the solar battery price in India. It's prices in India has become so lucrative that the solar battery has now become a household commodity for the rich and the poor, equally. The latest solar batteries come with an average backup for 7 to 8 years depending upon their Depth of Discharge (DOD) and the conditions of use.

Hey – Is Luminous Solar Battery – really the Best

Out of the cluttered solar battery market, the Luminous IEC compliant high-performance solar batteries has emerged out as the most reliable solar battery with impeccable performance, flawless service, long life with 60 months warranty and are best suited for the Indian environment among all other solar batteries.

But Why??

Luminous solar batteries give cool backup for 8-10 years with a life expectancy of minimum 1200 cycles at a DOD of 80%. The solar battery manufacturers in India are working day and night to give the best deliverables.

How much a 150Ah Battery costs at LOOM SOLAR

A 150Ah battery price in India ranges between Rs. 12,000/- to Rs. 22,000/- depending on the durability, reliability, life expectancy and the after-sales service.

What about Luminous price range

The Luminous solar battery is strategically priced as the best among its peers to cater to all. A Luminous solar battery 150 Ah price in India ranges from Rs. 12,000/- to Rs. 18,000/- depending upon the warranty, life expectancy and the minimum cycles it goes through. The Luminous solar battery is available in various models and is designed to comfortably fit in all budgets, space and systems. Considering the price and the demand the Luminous solar battery is considered as the best catch among all solar batteries.

What's Great about Solar Panel Systems

The solar battery manufacturers in India manufacture all kinds of solar batteries to cater to different solar panels, which comes in various wattage and sizes to support systems from 10 watts to 1000 watt, depending upon the number of panels used and the wattage designed. The solar battery system can be individually designed and customized as per the specific requirement, environment, and budget. The solar panel systems are scalable, modular and future-ready for further expansions which are bound to happen with increasing demands in future.

Where all can I use Solar Batteries

The solar batteries now a day have become omnipresent to power everything from fans to air conditioners, street lights to petrol pumps, furnaces to refrigerators, juicers to grinders, cookers to dishwashers, toys to watches, cars to space crafts, computers to robots and what not. The solar batteries nowadays are unanimously powering all devices and the entire systems.

So, what's the Crux

The wisdom lies in adopting the solar technology and designing all systems with the most reliable Luminous solar batteries and other Luminous gadgets.

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