The Dishwasher Sizing Guide Is Here To Be Explored

A commercial may be an expensive piece of equipment one can ever purchase for the restaurant or hotel kitchen, buy it is one of the most essential things as well. When a dishwashing machine is so much important for the foodservice operation and is highly priced then how can one ensure that one is getting the perfect size equipment to meet the kitchen needs? It is important to know certain things before choosing to buy a Conveyor Type Dishwasher Online or any other type of dishwashing machine online or from the market shop.

What are the different types of Dishwashing Machines ?

  • Under Counter Dishwashers: – For the smaller operations such as cafes, diners, or the churches, the under counter dishwashers are the best choice. These are small in size and are compact, and take up only as much space as the domestic dishwashing machines take, but can process up to thirty-five racks in one hour. These equipments work well in the establishments, which serve less than hundred meals in an hour such as the small bars and diners.
  • Single and Double Rack Door Type Dishwashers:- Door types of dishwashers are just like what they sound to be. These machines usually stand up on the legs. The washing compartment is found to have one or two doors on the sides for loading and unloading the racks of the dishes. Inside the machine, the washing arms power the dishes clean. These are available in either low temperature chemical sanitizing choices or high temperature choices.
  • Conveyor type Dishwashing Machines:- These types of dishwashing machines are found to have conveyor belts, which run through the equipment to carry the wash racks under the stationary spray arms that are needed to be washed, rinsed, and then sanitized. Several conveyor type dishwashers come in either low temperature chemical sanitizing choices or come in high temperature burning water sanitizing and can also take on more than two hundred racks in an hour.
  • Flight type Dishwashing Machines:– These types of dishwashing machines should be custom built for every establishment and can widely vary in both the capacity and the design. With this type of commercial equipment, one does not even need the ware washing racks as all of the dishes are directly placed on conveyor belt and are drawn through the equipment. Flight type dishwashing machines are ideal to be used in the large establishments like banquet halls, hospitals, or the university dining halls.

What are the Sizing Factors ?

  • For every hundred meals that are served, one will generate approximately thirty-five racks of dishes needed to be washed. This variation depends upon the restaurant type, since the number of the dishes that are used by each of the guests and the number of times each table is turned over per day changes when one looks at fine versus casual dining. If the restaurant is one of the fine dining establishments then the number of tables turned may be lower but the number of dishes per guest may be higher. On the other hand, the quick-serve restaurants have more table turns in one day but make the use of fewer number of dishes per guest.
  • Just make sure the your dishwasher have the capability of handling even the largest sprint. Getting backed up during the peak hours may cause lots of headaches. So, ensure to take the time for choosing the right equipment to work efficiently even during the busiest days.
  • Add approximately ten to twenty percent of extra capacity for accounting for the growth of the business during the dishwasher's life span. These types of dishwashers have five to ten years lifespan if these are maintained properly.
  • Account for the dishes from kitchen, too, and not only from the dining space. Forgetting about the pans and the pots can spell disaster for the dishwasher timetable. Ensure that the dishwashing machine can easily handle the dishes from all the guests and the dirty pans and pots generated by the kitchen employees. It is recommended to buy a good quality Dishwasher Table Online to save more on one of the most essential kitchen solution.