The Installation Of Artificial Turf

People who live in hot communities like Las Vegas or Phoenix are used to dealing with excessive heat, and what that means to landscaping. Basically, keeping a yard looking good in the desert is quite different than in other parts of the country, and the choices that you make are going to have potential consequences to your finances if you choose poorly. People who decide that they are going to attempt to defy nature and install landscape elements that are not natural to the desert, supplying them with artificial water from sprinklers, do so at their own risk. Even a few days with no water in the case of a malfunction can kill most plants in the desert, and in the case of a drought situation where it is no longer legal to provide water to your plants there is almost no way they will survive very long. This is the case recently in southern California and Nevada, where drought conditions forced watering restrictions. People were not legally allowed to water enough to keep their grass green in the heat, and as a result many people lost their investments in plants. Now the question is if these people are going to reinvest into rehabbing their lawns this winter, knowing full well that the summer may bring drought conditions again. If you face the possibility of losing your lawn again after only a few months, should you put money into it?

There is another school of thought in these areas, one of facing that grass is not natural to the environment and should not be attempted in the desert. For these people is the option of artificial turf if they want to keep the green and lush look, or potentially a desert landscaping concept like crushed rock as a ground covering. Those opting for artificial turf may actually have some help from the cities and counties they live in if they are removing existing sod in order to do the installation. Many places offer rebates for every square foot of sod you remove and replace with artificial turf, cutting the costs down significantly. The addition of artificial turf solves many issues, keeping a soft and clean look in the yard while also functioning to reduce water waste and landscaping care expenses. Artificial turf is a good move for those people living in the desert, and it can make your yard look lush and green without the hassles.