The Problems That Can Force an AC to Form Ice

If the ice is getting formed on your air conditioner, then, first of all, you are required to know the reason behind it and only after this, you will be able to find the appropriate solution. You would be happy to know that many issues can be resolved by yourself and you will not need to pay money for them, but some bugs can be extricated only by the experts of the emergency AC repair Plantation. By reading the following article, you will be able to find the reason behind the ice-forming problem of the air conditioner.

Ductwork is Blocking the Air Flow

If the free flow of the air through the registers is getting blocked because of some reason, then it will result in the formation of ice on the ductwork and the indoor unit. This is not a big problem and can easily be solved by yourself if you have enough resources and knowledge. Simply, check the ductwork of your unit and if any leak, bend or disconnected portions are found, repair it immediately. Also, the extremely dirty ductwork can also choke the flow of the air, so you should also check for this. You don't need to worry if a very little amount of dirt is gathered there.

Dirty Evaporator Coils

In a split air conditioner, the temperature of your home is controlled by absorbing the heat from your home and making it cool with the help of the evaporator coil. If the air doesn't flow properly through the evaporator coil then the temperature of the unit starts decreasing and after a definite time period it starts to form ice on the unit. Clogged debris is the main reason behind the insufficient airflow across the evaporator coil of the air conditioner. It can easily be cleaned by taking help of the experts of the AC installation service.

Low Refrigerant in your AC Unit

It is true that the low refrigerant level is also a reason that forms ice on the unit because it creates low pressure inside the unit. The AC is forced to expand the same quantity of the refrigerant even when the appropriate quantity is not available and thus, the temperature of the evaporator coil reaches below than the freezing point and after a certain time period, the water condensed on the unit starts freezing. The emergency AC repair Plantation can help you in refilling the refrigerant in your unit.