The White Colour Kitchen Trends in Perth

The white kitchen makes a comeback this season, with a contemporary approach and modern materials adding a sheen and elegance to your kitchen design. It works with so many different kitchen styles, whether you choose classic, traditional modern or industrial. The white colour style kitchen can add precision to contemporary styles or take a back step in a traditional kitchen look, playing the part of neutral palette. A white marble benchtop or sleek melamine can be the perfect foil for stainless steel accessories or merge nicely with wooden fixtures. Add some black stools and trim or stick to the white theme with cloth chairs and a white table cloth over glass topped table. Many kitchen fittings are colour finished and will already be in the white shade of choice.

There is everything to like about a white kitchen

  • The timeless colour range will last the lifetime of the kitchen and beyond. White variations can blend together, and you can be sure that your choice of linen, splashbacks and small appliances will never be out of place. A coloured kitchen can carry a surprisingly large number of variations on the shade, from luminescent white to soft, opaque darker tones, providing either a backdrop or dominating the foreground.
  • The bright reflective qualities of white are perfect for any size but are particularly advantageous when you wish to create a feeling of space or make use of natural lighting. A colour scheme in your kitchen will add an extra dimension to the area and can give a small kitchen a more expansive feel.
  • The versatility of white can't be understated. You may start off with a fully white colour scheme, but the option is always there to add colour benchtops, cupboard doors and change the colour of the bar stools. It will match with a range of shades and works with multiple design trends.
  • A colour scheme is easy to refresh. Matching paint will always be available and simple to source or an alternative tone easy to find and apply. The neutrality of the tone makes recoating paint effortless when the time comes.
  • Appliances are always going to match tonally with your white kitchen, whether you go for stainless steel, retro white or modern pastels. When your toaster or kettle needs replacing you can update to whichever new design suits you, knowing that your white fittings are going to work.

You can find inspiration in the leading kitchen designs from Perth specialists, The Maker. Examples of recent white kitchen installations can be seen on their website. Their unique approach to kitchen renovations and installations has resulted in receiving multiple annual awards in excellence from the Housing Industry Association.