Things to Consider When Buying a New Kitchen Tap

Buying a new kitchen tap (faucet) may appear to be a rather insignificant task, but nowadays there are factors such as the style and design features that can and probably should be taken into consideration .

Previously, the kitchen tap was a somewhat overlooked fitting. Taps were simply there to provide hot or cold water. They were simply a practical item found next to the sink! Basic taps in a standard style were generally all that was available. However, in recent years things have changed, and there are now lots of modern taps (often in quirky designs), with a whole host of different innovative features, available to buy.

For example, it is now possible to buy taps that provide filtered drinking water (in addition to unfiltered hot and cold water). Many people believe that these protect against disease and are generally beneficial to health.

Taps that supply boiling water on demand are also proving to be very popular. These instant taps are great for saving time and are also thought to be a more cost effective option to regularly boiling a kettle. Unfortunately, they are expensive to purchase and fit, so it may be a while before any savings are actually made.

Some modern taps feature LED lighting – colour is used to indicate the temperature of the water. These taps are both functional and attractive to look at. The illumination of the water creates a very effective look – certainly a great talking point at parties! Furthermore, they are not that expensive and are fairly straightforward to install.

“Hands free” taps utilise of motion sensors and are a great feature in any kitchen. They are simple to use and are clearly more hygienic option than regular taps. This is considered to be a real plus point for many people.

Some taps come with power clean options. This feature is great for cleaning dishes or pans with hard to clean food waste on them saving time and making life easier all round!

Some taps are bendy; others have retractable hoses. As with the power clean tap, both of these features allow for easier cleaning of kitchen items. The water flow can be directed in exactly the right place.

Taps are also available in a range of different styles from the quirky to the traditional. Unique, fun styles do not necessarily offer any practical advantages, but they can add a certain wow factor to the kitchen. Examples include waterfall taps, taps shaped as animals (or any interesting shape for that matter!) or hidden taps.

In summary, there are many different kinds of tap available in shops and kitchen showrooms. They come in many different shapes and styles, and many have innovative design features that make everyday life easier.