Things to Take Into Consideration When Refurnishing a Bedroom

When choosing new bedroom furnishings there are many different things to take into consideration. For example, does the customer prefer a traditional look, or would they rather go for a more contemporary feel? Would they rather have free standing units, or would built in cupboards be a better option for them? How much storage do they require? What kind of materials do they like?

One of the most important decisions to be made when purchasing new bedroom furniture is whether or not to go for built in units. This is often down to personal taste, but sometimes the shape and size of the room can be an important factor. All things considered, perhaps the biggest plus point of built in units is the fact that they can be designed to fit the layout of the room exactly. Awkward spaces, sloping rooves, alcoves etc can all be incorporated into the plans. This means that all of the available space is utilised. This is particularly advantageous if storage is an issue!

The main downside with fitted units is the simple fact that they can not be moved around. This is a real negative for people who like a bit of variety, or for those who wish to move furniture from one room to another (or even to a new house altogether). Fitted bedroom furniture is generally left behind when the owner moves homes. Having said that, it is thought by many that they add value to a property, so this may not be too much of an issue in the long run.

The material used in the furniture also needs to be decided upon. Wood is very popular in bedrooms – whether it be solid wood or wood effect. The latter is obviously the cheaper option, but it doesn't necessarily have to look inexpensive – there are some really good materials around these days. Traditional wooden bedroom furniture has a timeless appeal and this look creates a cosy and welcoming environment – perfect for escaping the stresses of everyday life! If the wood look is not the customer's thing there are a number of great alternatives available. High gloss furniture is right on trend at the moment.

Choosing a bed that fits in with the rest of the furniture is very important. Some people like a mix of old and new, and in some cases this can work very well. However, in general it is a good idea to take into consideration what will work and what will not. For example, a wooden bed frame will not, in general, look that good with uber modern, bright coloured fitted units. Likewise, a modern, leather bed may not suit a country cottage style bedroom. It also goes without saying that the customer should think carefully about what kind of mattress is right for them.