Tips on Painting Your Home Scientifically to Promote Mood & Health

As per psychologists and residential painters in Sydney, colour impacts on people's life broadly and thus investing on a scientifically themed painting to nurture your mental and physical health can be a wise decision. Wondering how, right? Read this article to get a detailed information on this.

Does Really Colour Affect Mind?

It's not a superstitious belief! There are evidences established through long research. It's Sir Isaac Newton who discovered that white colour consists of 7 different colours and proven it through the prism test and the colour science started. They made huge research on this and found proofs of how colour impacts human life.

Well, people have been using various colours for certain purposes since ancient days – may be without knowing the exact science. The good news is, today we know how a certain colours influence a person's mind. So, let's dig into this matter to make our home the perfect shelter.

How Colours Control Someone's Mind?

Have you ever thought why we get scared seeing a black cat or we feel cheered looking at the lush green valley? Why we feel romantic getting a red rose or get irritate staring at a red text on blue background? Or why the red marks on exam sheet or street signs attract our eyes?

Yes, these are just few examples, how colour can control our mind. Hotels and offices use this power of colour very strategically to manipulate the visitor's mind. If you don't, you are just wasting your hard earned money painting your house.

Is The Effect of Different Colour Same on Every Person?

No, of course not! It widely varies from one person to another. There are certain reasons behind this. And that's why hospitals aren't ever painted in red. Every person who visits a hospital is supposed to be anxious and upset. And so, red colour would badly irritate them.

So, it depends upon several things. Here is a brief on the major ones:

Gender: The colour choice of males and females differ widely. While pink, red, green are popularly loved by women, brown, blue, white, black etc. are in men's favourite colour list.

Personality: A man's personality makes great difference on their colour choice. Interviewer's use this trick to judge the candidate sitting opposite their table. However, scientists are still researching on this to get more information.

Economy: The financial background of a person may impact on their colour choice. Generally, people who are born with silver spoon in mouth prefers light shades of any colour. However, there may be several exceptions.

Climate: As per home painting Sydney experts, climate works greatly to change a person's colour choice.

Culture: Though it isn't a well-proved, in several cases it has been found that culture effects someone's hue choice.

Superstitious & Religious Beliefs: Yes, this is a vital reason that can make vast difference in two person's colour preference. That's why brides in Sydney wear white gown, while Indian brides prefer red.

So, How to Start Planning The Right Colour Theme for Your Home?

People mostly start selecting colour by their choice. It's okay, as your preference matters. But, it's not the best way. It is always recommended to consult with residential painters in Sydney to get the right theme. Here are some points that you must keep in mind while designing theme for your home interior and exterior:


Of course, the theme should match your taste. You cannot be happy or feel satisfied to live in a house that isn't designed as per your preference. While you hire your interior designer tell them in details what you love and what don't.


There can be several reasons that you plan for painting your home. A painting plan before marriage cannot be same as 'painting just to revamp the interior look', isn't it? Also you must keep certain factors in mind like:

Protecting walls from damp

Making it easily cleanable

Preventing fungi growth

Making weather-proof

Keeping termites at bay

Making it heat-proof

Making house fire-safe

There are several other factors where you may need to look for some expert's suggestion. As per scientists, choosing the right colour for your home can even improve diseases and mental states like insomnia, lack of concentration, depression, lack of energy, anxiety, anger and so on.


Climate is the prime reason that you cannot use interior paints for painting your house exterior. Yes, exterior walls need to withstand several types of ailments like extreme heat, rain, snowfall, dust and so on. This is the same reason, home painting experts in Sydney suggest exclusive quality paint for your bathroom and kitchen.


People often think that it's not possible to get a luxurious interior at a low budget. But, it's not true always! There are so many paint varieties and brands that can give a super look to your home, exactly as you wanted. Of course, they may fail to meet certain criteria that aren't directly linked with the appearance.

Colour Effects

Yes, this is the part that may be you were looking for. As explained above, every colour has different effect on our mind and thus, we need to be very careful and strategic using them perfectly creating the best environment to live.

Hotels use too vibrant colours which are overwhelming at the first look. We become impressed immediately. But, they aren't enough suitable to live for longer days. It may not suit our different moods, which is obvious during our daily life. So, here is a quick guidance on which colours you should use in which rooms.

Bedroom Colour

Let's start with the bedroom; after all, we want a sound sleep at night, isn't it? As per study, blue is the best colour that helps you calm down and promotes sound sleep. It's best for elderly people or those who are suffering from insomnia.

However, if you are a new couple or going through a tough stage of mid-age crisis, you can try pink or red. They trigger romance and help you spice up your marital relationship.

Living Room

Living room is the place where people spend most of the time. It should keep us cheered, optimistic and cool. Green or blue colours can be good for your living rooms. However, you can try some lighter shades like beige or tan which can give your interior an exclusive look.

If you are an office goer and spend little time at home, you can try some bold and vibrant colours like red, purple etc. as well, which will give it a super luxurious look without any negative impact on your mood.

Study Room

Study rooms need high concentration and good energy. Green is the symbol of life and energy. Using different shades of green can improve your concentration and so memory; and help your kid's secure better grades at school.

Exercise & Meditation Room

This room demands freshness and high energy. Yellow and orange are the two prime colours that can fit best in such rooms.

Yellow is an over-bright colour and thus it can also be used in darker rooms.


Our health is directly dependent upon what we intake. And to prepare healthy food, you need the right environment in kitchen. It should be well lit, optimistic and clean. There is a wide colour option for your kitchen which ranges from white, orange, yellow to chocolate and rose pink. Select any as per your preference.

Make sure to buy right quality of easily washable and anti-fungal paint to make sure it's durable.


Bathroom is meant to make us clean and fresh and so, choosing the most appropriate colour theme is highly important. It is recommended by residential painters in Sydney to opt for white, grey, pink or pastel colour. You can also choose patterns of white and black if you have a large bathroom to give it a bold look.

The Conclusion

Though this is a detailed explanation of various factors related to choosing the right colour for your home scientifically, it is highly suggested to consult with experts for further guidance. After all, it's a big investment and you won't like anything that doesn't benefit you, isn't it?