Tips to Prepare For Commercial Movers And Avoid The Moving Mayhem

When it comes to moving, the potential for mayhem seems to increase ten-fold! From the boxes to the supplies, to downsizing and organizing, the list can seem endless, and cause a great deal of stress. Consequently, more and more people are choosing the services of a commercial moving team to make the relocation smoother. But, is there anything one can do to make the actual moving day easier?

Absolutely! Here are some tips from frequent movers, to help make your – and the commercial movers- job easier.

  • Purge your home of things you don't need to relocate. You should also be certain to know what types of items the movers are not responsible to move.
  • Do a walk-through being sure to pen any drawers or closets. Prepack any small items.
  • Take lots of photos before the movers arrive. This will help you remember how/where items where packed as well as establish the condition of the items pre-moving.
  • Plan to be available the entire day – ideally, on location. No matter how much advanced planning and prep you might do, it's a guarantee that the commercial movers will have questions. If you can't be there, be sure to have someone onsite who can answer on your behalf.
  • Do you have kids or pets? Then make plans for them to not be there that day. It only adds to the confusion and often creates more stress.
  • Let the movers know where to park. Ideally, you need a spot close to the door/garage that they can easily back in to.
  • Consider placing tarps or plastic sheeting on the floors by the door and through the hallway/entry area. This will protect them and make clean up easier.
  • Separate out any items you do not want the movers to pack up. Some of these might include personal documents, valuables, essentials box, and small electronic items (pc, phone, camera, tablet, etc.)
  • Unplug everything and clean up!
  • Dispose of any hazardous chemicals you might have stored in closets, cabinets, or in the garage.
  • Be sure any fragile items are identified as such – especially once they have been boxed up!
  • Label boxes with the room they will go in.
  • Finish packing prior to moving day! Then, let them do their job. They know what to do and how to best accomplish it- it's why you hired them – remember?
  • Establish a No Pack zone. This is a space where all the items you will be travelling with are to be located. You may want to make a sign letting movers know what the area is.

Moving and mayhem don't have to be a part of relocation. Working with a professional moving team can make the day less stressful. Using these tips will make the entire process easier and get you in your new space feeling a lot better about the process. Talk to a commercial moving team before your next move – you'll be glad you did.