Top Designs For Remodeling Your Kids Bedroom

Metallic: The year of 2018 is about new styles and new materials. Try out something new when you are designing your kid's bedroom from scratch. The metallic bed and the metallic feel will give your kids bedroom a modern look. Metals like brass, rose gold and copper could be the best material to make your kids bedroom design.

Room with a slide passage: Yes, if you have a vertical house, you can put a slider on the top floor that ends on your kid's bed. It will be a fun bedroom for your kid.

Velvet: If you want to give your child a royal treatment from the beginning, what better than an imperial surrounding? Use regal fabric and velvet to make interiors of the bedroom. If you have a daughter she will love you for this all her life.

Treehouse bedroom: A bedroom with bed up in the treehouse. It will be an experience your kid will remember for long. A tree house at the top and stairs to the bed makes it possible. Also, a jungle surrounding can be created in the room.

Neutral palette: A neutral palette with a bit of dusty pink overtone makes the kids' room subtle, if your kid like peace and is not interested in any other clutter. Simplicity is the best thing in designing. Also, an addition of whitewash tones will create wonderful vibes in the room.

House within the house: Your kid's bedroom can be converted into another house altogether. It will be his/her world, and this idea is quite innovative.

Unicorns: Using unicorns and unicorn-inspired designs in your kid's bedroom will make the room perfect for your kid.

Pirate ship room: The room's interior can be made to replicate a pirate ship. If your kid is a pirate fan, then look no more. A pirate boat modelled room would be a story in itself.

Cartoon character room: You can always think of making your kids bedroom in lines with his/her favourite cartoon character. The room will create a sense of belonging to your kid's mindset.

Circus style bedroom: Your kid's bedroom design can be modelled as of a circus with joy rides so that your kid always has his/her friends at his/her room.