What Are Parking Bollards? Perth Expert Advice

When they think of parking bollards, Perth property managers and owners may envisage a simple metal pole strategically positioned in a car parking structure. This is only partially correct at a basic level, and there is actually far more to consider concerning a modern parking bollard. There are many types of designs and finishes to cover a wide variety of applications. Let's take a closer look at parking bollards and how they can be used to make an area safety for customers and employees.

Bollard Basics

In essence, a bollard is usually a steel post anchored to a road surface in an area where vehicles and pedestrians can come into close proximity. The purpose of the bollard is to offer protection for pedestrians by blocking the movement of vehicles into their areas. This is achieved whilst allowing full pedestrian access through the line of bollards. A bollard is designed to withstand an impact, and multiple bollards can act in concert to nullify a significant amount of kinetic force. A primary cause of serious injury in most collisions is speed and bollards can reduce speed considerably and even stop it entirely. This makes the humble bollard ideal for passively offering protection in any kind of parking structure environment.

Different Bollard Types

There are different types of bollards to suit the needs of the space.

Safety Bollards: these are bollards that would typically be found in a distribution centre or warehouse. They line paths and access roads to protect employees from forklift trucks and delivery vehicles.

Anti Ram Bollards: these are very strong bollards that are used to provide security for property that could be targeted by vehicular based crime. Ram raiding is still a popular method for some thieves, and a series of anti ram bollards can prevent deliberate ramming of shop fronts.

Parking Bollards: these bollards are often fixed in place permanently, but increasingly they are removable designs for added flexibility. They need to be strong to prevent vehicles from colliding with foot traffic in pedestrian areas. The may sometimes have reflective surfaces and even lights for added visibility in low light or night time conditions.

Architectural Bollards: these usually have a primary function related to protection or security, but they have different finishes compared to more basic utilitarian models. These types of bollards need to look good to satisfy a certain aesthetic on the sites where they are used. They are often found near the entrances of private health spas or upmarket stores and have beautiful finishes.

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