What Are The Benefits of LED Lighting in The Workplace?

Feeling tired and lethargic at the work today? For most people, it is common sense that a busy day, a poor office chair or an angry boss can affect both mood and work efficiency negatively. But most people fail to realise that poor lighting can be just as big a factor in your bad mood or inefficiency, as your angry boss. In this blog, we tell you a little bit of how LEDs can benefit your workplace.

Office environments have changed drastically just the last couple of years. Offices were normally associated with closed doors and booths wherein workers had a private and enclosed area to work in. Today the office environments are more open and dynamic. The closed doors and booths are replaced with the large open areas with desks, enabling workers to communicate and interact with each other at all times. This change is good, and the interaction between the colleagues is improving overall work efficiency – but the change does also require a little more effort, when planning and purchasing the office lighting.

Large open office areas require a lot of light, and it also should be of a high quality. When writing 'a lot of light', board members and office building owners read 'a lot of money'. And yes, that is true, if you choose a traditional source of light. LED lighting will on the other hand both provide more light and use significantly less energy, which is why it should be the preferred source of light to offices.

Now that we've regained the board members' and the office-building owners' attention with the energy savings, we move on to the other benefits that might appeal more to the people exposed to the light. One must keep in mind that the office lighting is an important factor in supporting a healthy, dynamic and efficient work environment for employees – and now more than ever, with the new office structures. LED lighting is proven to be soothing to both humans and animals, and can not only create a better feeling of well-being but also improve work efficiency up to 19 %.