What’s Trending in Home Decorating For 2018?

With a new near comes new resolutions…from diets to fashion to hair…it's all about change. Changes in home decor are certainly no exception. Interior trends are quite fickle…changing from one minute to the next. Are you one of the millions who is ready to give your home an easy update? Take a look at a few of the hottest trends for 2018!

Warm Tones

Whites and washed grays are quickly falling out of fashion this year, being replaced by rich, earthy tones. Warm tones like burnt orange and deep reds are making a comeback…all in the name of comfort and coziness. Mahogany entry doors make a perfect gateway into this comfy color scheme.

It's All About Sage

Neutrals are hot this year… specifically the slate/olive shade of sage. It's an elegant, understated color that adds a bit of pop to any decor.


Floor treatments are always a popular item. Terrazzo is a prevalent choice this year for ceilings, entryways, and even for homewares.

Pop Art Prints

Make a splash with large polka dots, abstract patterns, stripes, and basic squares for a creative space. Frame your artwork around custom windows to give your decor an extra bit of WOW!

Mixed Metals

Mixing gold and silver metals with different finishes is a huge YES this year. Mix up your photo frames with gold and silver finishes and generate your own style. Take it one step further by combining metals with wood. We suggest adding mahogany entry doors to your great room to get the full effect of this fascinating trend.

Statement Rugs

We love statement rugs! Simply put…they can make or break a room. Opt for fun colors and exclusive patterns to stir things up. Add window treatments to your custom windows to really make your room come together in your own unique style.

Window Treatments

Window treatments aren't going anywhere, because they are everyone's favorite focal point. But they can be costly year after year trying to keep up with the latest fads. Get out of that rut by installing beautiful, timeless custom windows and opt for a minimalist approach when it comes to treatments. Not only is this an established, stylish trend, but it's easy on the pocketbook, as well.

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