Why Bed Bugs Are Tough to Control

If you have a bed bug problem, it can be tough to manage as the bugs are hard to eliminate. Therefore you need to contact an exterminator if you want to end the issue permanently. Bed bugs are pests that are insidious. Therefore, they are not easy to spot until you find that the issue is out of control.

The reason why the small bugs are called bed bugs is because they live and hide in the crevices and cracks around beds. During the night, they crawl out of their hiding spots to bite on human or animal skin and feed on the blood.

Again, bed bug control in Calgary Alberta is challenging as the bugs are flat and oval-shaped and only measure about five millimetres in length. You can liken this measurement to that of an apple seed. Plus, the bugs, as stated, come out at night so you rarely spot them during the day. A bed bug's colour varies between a dark yellow and reddish brown.

A Cause for Stress and Anxiety

Whilst bed bugs do not cause and spread diseases, their presence is nonetheless a cause for concern. Some people with bed bug bites experience reactions. Also, the tiny creatures can cause a good deal of stress if they are not eradicated immediately.

Indications You Have a Bed Bug Problem

You need to call about bed bug treatment in Calgary if you notice the following in your home or on your person:

  • Small bugs as described above or small white eggs in the joints of your furniture or mattress. You can better see the insects if you use a torch.
  • Mottled small shells as the bugs shed their skins during their growth phase.
  • Small blood spots on the bed, which normally appear after a bug has been squashed.
  • A musty odour in your bedroom.
  • Tiny bites on your skin.
  • Small black spots on your bedding, which are usually the insect's excrement.

To prevent seeing a recurrence or contacting a bed bug exterminator in Calgary, it is important to remember that bed bugs like wood or fabric over metal or plastic.

Locating the Pests

Typically, you will locate the pests in an area close to where you sleep, such as the headboard or just under the mattress. However, bed bugs can also appear at the perimeters of carpets, inside smoke alarms, or behind a mirror.

Because getting rid of bed bugs is difficult, your best chance of removing them is to contact a professional exterminator. By taking this measure, you can end their appearance permanently. You can also obtain tips about avoiding a recurrence. Throw out any mattress or bed that is heavily infested and use a plastic mattress cover on a new mattress.