Why Green Energy is Important in Today’s World

The need for green energy is becoming more and more important in today's world with fossil fuels depleting and greenhouse gases causing increasing damage to the planet. It is perhaps the latter point that is most important. Renewal sources of energy such as solar, wind or hydro are clean, inexhaustible forms of energy. They are better for the planet as they don't create greenhouse gases or other polluting emissions.

One problem with green energy in the past was the fact that it was expensive in comparison to the more traditional methods of generating power. However, the costs are now rapidly falling and the equipment used is becoming ever more efficient. Renewal power is now a very real alternative especially with the cost of fossil fuels generally increasing as new reserves are sought. What seems certain, is that the move to green fuel is gathering pace.

The development of clean power is absolutely essential if we are to protect our planet for future generations. It was recently reported that the Earth's temperature is increasing by around 0.85 degrees Celsius on an annual basis – alarmingly since the end of the 19th century. This has resulted in the melting of the polar ice-caps and a rise in sea levels and temperatures. Already low lying areas are being affected and lost to the oceans.

Another reason for moving to renewable forms of energy is because there are still large numbers of people (around 800 million) in the world who don't have access to electricity. Wind farms and solar power could bring power for the first time to millions of people and indeed the United Nations has set a target of everyone having access to electricity by 2030. This has been supported by the Paris Accord back in 2015 which unfortunately the United States has backed out of at a later date. The goal is for temperatures to rise “well below” 2 degrees Celsius by the end of the century.

There are lots of different types of renewable energy and below we have listed just a few with a very brief description.

  • Wind – obviously obtained from the movement of air
  • Solar – Obtained from the sun's solar photovoltaic (light) and solar thermal
  • Hydroelectric – obtained from fresh running water
  • Biomass – from organic materials
  • Geothermal – heat from inside the earth. This is common in Iceland

So, we have established that there are various forms of clean energies but they must come with advantages to make them attractive. Firstly, as we have mentioned they are needed in order to fight climate change. Secondly, fossil fuels are running out and green energy is inexhaustible so alternatives do need to be sourced in order for electricity to still be produced. Thirdly, they bring greater energy independence, especially in some areas of the world that have never had access to electricity. Finally, they are becoming increasingly efficient and therefore the costs are reducing, green is now a very attractive alternative to more traditional fuels.

If you are considering moving towards green energy we strongly recommend speaking to an expert who can discuss all the options that are available. You may be surprised at the many benefits that are there for you and your business.