Winter In Southern California Is Perfect To Install Artificial Turf

Anyone from southern California realizes that our winters are hardly like the winters that they have on the east coast. We might see a ten degree difference in temperatures that makes it so that we need to wear a jacket, but typically it really doesn't get that cold. The seasons do react the same way in southern California that they do elsewhere though, slowing people down and bringing a lot of projects to al halt. People just get exhausted after the holidays and decide to take a break for a while, essentially doing as little as possible as far as projects until the spring time. This is the perfect time to take advantage of the seasonality, and get those yard maintenance projects done.

Most of southern California was effected by the drought this year, and a lot of people lost their investment in their landscaping due to watering restrictions. You were not allowed to water your lawn enough to keep it green and healthy because there was simply not enough water in reserve, and while this was a bitter pill to swallow we are now no longer in a drought situation. Now is the time that we are going to need to decide how to move forward with our landscaping, do we put our lawns back together by reseeding the grass or putting in new sod, or do we do something different? The problem is that there is no way to be sure that we will not go right back into a drought situation again this summer, and lose all of the money we put into the lawn to get it looking good again. The alternatives would be to consider removing the grass all together in favor of something more appropriate for our climate, like desert landscaping or artificial turf. Essentially, smart home owners are minimizing the risk of loss by allocating their money into landscaping elements that will not be damaged by droughts, which look like they will continue in the future.

The installation of water smart elements like pavers and desert landscaping, or even artificial turf is quite easy for a professional to do. The whole process involves removing all of the living plants and grasses and replacing them with elements that look good but need no water. If artificial turf is being installed, it is important to have it professionally done so as to avoid the “astro turf” look that it had in the past. A professional company will use a weed barrier and a filler material that will make it spongy and soft to walk on. The new technologies that make the artificial turf now have the ability to make it so realistic that you can hardly notice a difference. The best part is that it will need no water or care, so no matter if the drought continues or not you will never lose your investment. Winter is the time to make these decisions, so are you going to install water smart landscaping this year or risk it?